Poetry Book Contest Registration


Poetry Book Contest Registration

$399.00 $119.00


Product Description

Arts Above The Realm is enthused at the launching of this relevant book of poetry that will touch hearts in a most profound and prophetic way.  Poems representing the real need and hunger for hope, love and unity.

Each poet is able to submit up to 3 poems at one time.

Poems chosen will be presented in one or all of the following ways:

1.     Posted on our poetsforamerica.com website

2.     Shared on our video blog by a video you provide (upon request)

3.     Invited to perform live at one of our events

4.     Included in the upcoming book “Poets for America”

To submit your poem there is a one-time fee of $119. This non-refundable fee will enter you into our contest with up to 3 poems and you will also receive the following:

NB-God-Duet-Cover31.     A copy of Naked Before God – Words that express my heart by William Owens, Founder of Arts Above The Realm

2.     Your poem will be posted on our website

3.     Your poem will be posted on Poet’s for America Instagram, tweeted and Facebook page.

4.     You will be entered into the contest.