Vendor Booth


Vendor Booth


As a vendor at America’s Poetry Contest and The Heal our Land Symposium, you not only have a booth, but you also are introduced to our audience in a 3-5 minute interview.

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Product Description

As a vendor at our events, you not only will have a booth to share your business, but we believe every business has a artistic expression with what they do as well as a vision that drives them. When people hear this, it creates a connection that is powerful. To do this we provide a 3-5 minute interview of each vendor on stage with our host to share with our audience.

Because of our unique approach, we are only able to present a number of businesses, therefore we limit the number of vendors based on the event venue and the type of event we are doing. You are encouraged to secure your spot early.

Being a vendor at our events is seriously poetic and second to none. Should you have an interest in being a vendor at one of our upcoming events, secure you space now.

Additional Information

Memphis, TN October 30

This event will be held at Caritas Village.


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